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Services Offered
We offer a wide variety of electrical engineering and lighting design services. Bellow is a partial list of electrical engineering services we provide:

• Design Criteria Development
• Feasibility Studies
• Buildings Assessments
• Performance Specifications
• Energy Efficient Lighting Retro-fit Audits,

  Analysis and Design
• Peer Reviews
• Basis of Design

Electrical Utilities Coordination:

• Power, Telephone and Cable TV


Design Development Phase:

• Review Client and Design Team

  Requirements and Propose Preliminary

  Electrical System Solutions

• Recommend Size and Locations of

  Electrical and Telephone Room Sizes

• Parking Lot Lighting Designs and Point to

  Point Photometric Calculations.


Construction Documents Phase:

• Electrical Drawings

•   Medium and Low Voltage Power

   Distribution Systems

•   Lighting Systems

•   Communications Systems

•   California Energy Code (Title 24) -


• Resolution to Plan check Comments

• Technical Specifications


Bidding and Negotiating Phase:

• Review Contractors Proposals and



Construction Administration Phase:

• Submittal Reviews

• Answers to Requests For Information

• Field Observations and Reports

• Review Contractor’s Change Orders

• As-Built Preparations


Technical Analysis:

• Value Engineering

• Cost Estimates


Alternative Sources of Power:

• Emergency Generators (diesel, natural gas

  or propane fueled) Systems

• Micro-turbine

• Photo-Voltaic systems

• Battery systems

• Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


Electrical Calculations:

• Load Calculations

• Voltage Drop

• Short Circuit

• Time Coordination Studies


Communications Systems Designs:

• Voice and Data Wiring

• Fire Alarm

• Sound and Public Address

• Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

• Security

• Intercomm


Lighting Designs:

• California Energy Code Title 24 – Lighting

  Design and Compliance Forms.

• Parking Lot Lighting

• Landscape Lighting

• Sports Facilities Lighting

• Typical and Special Interior Designs

• Point to Point Photometric Studies

• Application of Energy Savings Equipment:

•   High Efficiency Lighting Equipment

   Specifications (Light Fixtures, Lamps

   and Ballasts)

•   Motion Sensor Switches

•   Day Lighting Harvesting

•    Lighting Control Systems


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